mobile app



AXIGON a.s. as a successful corporate shopping alliance, is currently taking care of more than 10,000 companies that use their services. Fuel business is the future and their key products are fueling cards (euroShell and EuroOil) that allow clients to tank up with a significant discount on rack prices. Their request was clear - bring into the market a smart application for the B2B area - where drivers, fleet managers or accountants have an overview of the fuel industry, prices, places and much more.

Needed expertise

  • react native
  • ui/ux expertise
  • api calls
  • ios development
  • android develompent
  • javascript

the solution

Travel far enough you meet yourself. And your new benefits and fuel discounts with smart application.

We have decided to build it with a REACT NATIVE framework because of the faster and more effective development for both platforms IOS and Android. We have preserved corporate identity by using their two main colour - black and pink. The simple design is showing the simplicity and connection between traveling and the fuel industry. Clients can easily take a photo and back up their receipts. They have direct access into the green line and a complete overview of all the fuel stations around and the latest news or changes.